• OG coverThe Leonberger Owner’s Guide will prove invaluable in answering the many questions people have about this fascinating and unique breed. Topic include personality and physical traits as well as the proper training, grooming and health care of the Leonberger.


    From the moment you lay eyes on your new Leonberger “baby”, be it a 12 week old puppy or an 8 year old rescue Leonberger or retired show dog, don’t be surprised if you constantly find yourself smiling in delight at its comical antics and beguiling personality. Welcome! You’ve joined the legion of those whose lives will be forever enriched by the unique love of and devotion to a Leonberger.

    This guide is recommended for all owners, breeders and handlers of Leonbergers. It serves only as an informational resource. Leonberger University recommends that Leonberger owners remain in close communication with their veterinarian and breeder!

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    Available versions

    The Leonberger Owner's Guide is available for purchase in 4 different versions.

    The Complete edition - Guide with a Forward on the History of the Leonberger by Caroline Bliss-Isberg and an Addendum Coloring Book by Rahel Schale and Sara Mahoney.

    The Complete edition as a downloadable pdf.

    The Guide and Forward without the Coloring Book.

    The Guide alone.

    This is a terrific book to read if you are thinking about a Leonberger, all ready own one or are a breeder looking for a great resource for your new puppy buyers. It has insights on everything from finding a puppy to many fun activities you can do with your Leo and it has been written entirely by our LCA members who have volunteered their expertise in a variety of areas.