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Links to Agility Resources

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What is Agility An explanation of the AKC agility competition.

The Basics of Agility Step by step information on dog agility

St. Louis Agility The history of the sport with several links for more information.

Canine Performance Events The CPE website with information on competitions.

Obstable Training A list of each obstacle with training tips for each one.

Equipment Specifications Detailed information on the specific sizes and heights of the obstacles allowed in competition.

Atheltic Dogs A list of all the agility obstacles with links to descriptions of each.

USDAA scoring Detailed information on the rules and scoring for the USDAA.

AKC Points How AKC championship points are counted

NADAC Exhibitors Handbook A complete guide to the NADAC rules and scoring.

Novice Agility Trail Guide A comparison of scoring and faults for the three big agility trails on one page.

North American Dog Agility Council The official site of the North American Dog Agility Council for all information needed about joining a competition.

Complete Agility Guide A guide to agility training, competitions, and course design.

USDAA The United States Dog Agility Council website provides information on the USDAA competitions.

Agility Organizations A list of agility organizations with links to their websites.