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 Week 2 - Scent in Box on Floor

Supplies needed:
1. Scented q-tips in tin box or class jar with holes in lid
2. Tupperware containers with holes in top.
Place a pile of small treats near your work area but out of reach of your dog.
1. Place the scent  inside of the Tupperware and secure the lid
2. Place Tupperware on the floor so dog will see it immediately upon entering the room
Get your dog:
Bring your dog into the work area. Have treats ready in your hand.
Most dogs will immediately go to the box on the floor, simply because it’s there and dogs are curious. Immediately reward your dog for investigating the scen – feed liberally immediately on top of the Tupperware container. You can pick up the Tupperware container and place it back on the floor (in the same spot) to “reset” the dog and repeat the exercise. Soon you’ll barely be able to get it to the floor before the dog will be on top of it. Good!

When your dog immediately approaches the boxe and expects a treat for this behavior, it’s time to add in some distraction training. Add additional boxes one at a time without any scent.  Do this slowly and ensure your dog "gets it" before adding more or moving on.

Mabel working: