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Week 3 - Generalization

Generalization means teaching your dog that the behavior they learned in one context can also be performed in other contexts.
For nosework, generalization normally starts at home – working in new parts of your home. Eventually, generalization will mean searching for scent anytime and anywhere.

Goal: Five different locations for week 3 (can be different rooms or hallways in your house).

Your dog should be able to find the hot scent from among three similar boxes. It should be getting harder and harder to pull him off the hot scent – even as the quality of food and toys that you place in the cold boxes adds greater challenges.
If your dog cannot remain committed to a hot box for a few seconds, then do not move on until you have that skill mastered.

If your dog succeeded in the above challenge, it’s time to add more boxes. Over the next few days, work your way up to as many as seven cold boxes. At first, mark immediately for finding the correct one; he had to work much harder this time! If he appears confident, go ahead and add the slight delay. Finally, throw distractions in the "cold" boxes - food, toys, etc.
Remember, always reward at source!!!!!
Remember, you want your dog to succeed - do not go too quickly!!!