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Week 4 - Obstacles & Scent out of Box

Place your boxes so that there are obstacles in the way of the correct box. Your dog should be aware that there are many boxes in the middle of the room, but…where is the scent? Until your dog goes a bit further afield and looks behind obstacles, he will not find the source scent. Start easy…maybe the correct box is 10 feet from the others (which are clustered together).

The goal is to teach your dog to start looking beyond the visible boxes – and out into the room as a whole. Reward generously!

If your dog is comfortably searching a whole room, looking for a box, then it’s time to place a very very easy hide in the room, without a box!
Place the hide (not in a box) under a chair - on a shelf - behind an object - attach it to the wall etc.

Start easy - The dog should be sent into the room in a manner that makes it likely they will encounter the scent almost immediately. Do not delay your reward, as soon as your dog finds the hide, mark the behavior and feed generously. Pull your dog back and send them to the same hide several times. If you wish to do several hides in one day, then remove any obstacles that had scent attached to them – we don’t want your dog to have to worry about lingering odor at this point.
Have fun!!

Note - Mabel finds the first "hide" - stuck on the chair.