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Week 5 - Preparing for ORT (Oder Recognition Test)

In the ORT, the boxes section has no holes in the boxes. So, that is our first challenge.

Begin with only one unvented box. When you bring your dog into the room and give your search cue, it is extremely likely that he will go directly to the single box – it’s the only game in town! Reward with your hand touching the outside of the box, as close as possible to where you have placed the tin. After a few treats on the outside of the box, open the box up and allow your dog to access the metal tin – now provide additional cookies directly at the tin, so we can constantly remind the dog to go as close to source as possible.

Most dogs will figure this exercise out immediately, so proceed as you did with the vented boxes – add one or two “cold” boxes at a time until you have reached 12 boxes in total – the number required for an ORT. Add the “shell” game element; moving the various boxes around and let your dog chase down the correct box.

Remember, reward at source!

Video - Obstacles, New Location and Hide out of box!