There are certain procedures and rules to follow if you wish to participant in competition. But it can be a rewarding experience.
You can earn these titles through the LCA.  Drafting Titles awarded by the Leonberger Club of America.

There are different course designs in competition. This one was used at the first drafting test at the LCA 2011 National Speciality.

Example course

LCA Testing Rules

  1. Basic Control. This will demonstrate the dog will respond to basic command from the handler. You will need to have some basic obedience. Forward, Right, Left, Halt, Fast, Slow, About Turn and Recall.
  2. Harness and Hitch – The level of testing and type of cart you are using makes of difference on exactly how this works. You need to show that the dog is ready and willing to work, the harness goes on correctly and with ease. The Judges will check your equipment, if the harness is not on properly and the dog is not safely attached to the cart, you will not be allowed to continue.
  3. Practical Draft Work – The team will need to demonstrate Fast, Slow, Halt and Backup with cart. There are also two distractions used, visual and audio. The dog can look but most continue on course.
  4. Load and Unload – The team is handed a light object (usually a blanket or quilt) by a steward. The dog must remain in “wait” can be sitting or standing, while the quilt is received and securely placed in the cart.
  5. Maneuvering – These maneuvers can be in any order
    • Two circular patterns 360 degrees to the right and left
    • Two 90 turns to the right and left
    • Narrows
    • Removable object
    • Backup
    • Two distractions audio and visual
    • Change of pace
    • Halt
  6. Group Stay – this is done without weights
  7. Freight Haul – half mile, it should include change of terrain, can go between trees, over bridges but is limited to the sites offerings

Example Judge's Reports: