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Part 3 - IN THE RING

When you’re in the ring, the judge will want to see your dog moving from the front, sides, and rear. To do this, the judge will stand in one place and ask you to move your dog in a specific pattern. There are several patterns that the judge might make you follow, so it’s important that you have practiced them all before you go in the ring. You don’t know which pattern the judge might ask you to follow, and he might ask you to do more than one! It’s important to spend time practicing each of these common patterns with your dog so that when the judge asks you to “Show me an L pattern, please,” you’ll know just what to do.

Some of the most common patterns are:

Triangle left

L left

Down back

Double Down Back


Some Practice Worksheets:
Down and Back
Double Down and Back
Triangle Left
"L" to the Left