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mojoMojoLion after a water workout! 

The LCA awards Water Rescue titles for Water Dog (WD), Water Rescue Dog (WRD) and Water Rescue Dog Excellent (WRDX).

In 1997 the Leonberger Club of America received permission from the Newfoundland Club of America (NCA) to utilize the NCA official water test requirements.

In May 2019, a formal LCA Water Work Program was adopted. You can download the Program Requirements here, and also read more on the LCA website.

You can also check the Interview section for personal waterwork experiences.


Thank you to everyone who assisted in putting this overview together. It is based on the NCA requirements.

Organizers: Cindy Stratton and Missy St Pierre-Sands

Images: • Janet Dierson • Sandy Love • Rachel Grass • Lori Peznowski • Susie Jump • Deanna Alko • Jon Sisson

With their webbed feet, Leos love the water. Preparing for water work involves intense training and dedication. The owner must ensure her dog is healthy and capable of the exercises. If you take the time to work with your Leo in the water, you will find a true bond and witness a very happy dog.

The LCA uses three levels of Water Rescue from the Newfoundland Club

Junior Level - Water Dog (WD)
Senior Level - Water Rescue Dog (WRD)
Water Rescue Dog Excellent (WRDX)

image below: Elke Von Stutensee working hard.